Goals of Association

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Goals of Association

Goals of Association

Article six: General goals of the Association are:

  • Ayil Social Association is a social institution that is inclusive and broad-based and is committed to bring together youths with excellent spirit of patriotism and love for the homeland and present best scientific and cultural characters to serve the community.

  • Consolidate the unity of the whole people of Afghanistan and prevent all kinds of biases between all ethnic, linguistic, religious groups.

  • Capacity building in various fields of religious, scientific, cultural, literary, artistic (Seven Arts) new technology, accountability, management, leadership, good governance, and improving professional and vocational skills, especially in young class.

  • Achieving peaceful purposes, the fight against superstition and illiteracy through religious and social education.

  • Improving the knowledge and awareness of women to obtain their rights and support their fight against violence againstwomen.

  • Awareness on social, health, and other essential issues.

  • Improving the level of knowledge and awareness to support children and their rights.

Article Seven: Activities of Association

Activities of Association are arranged in line with the objectives and requirements of the association.