Organizational Structure

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Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure

Article Eight: Organizational structure of the association is as follow:

  • The Association Board (founders).

  • Management board.

  • Committees.

  • Advisory Board or honorary members.

  • General Assembly.

Article Nine: The Association Board (founders)

Association Board is the highest and most authoritative reference of the association and consists of all founders. Under normal conditions, association board holds meetings on quarterly basis. In emergencies, based on proposals of management board or half of founders, they can hold meetings as needed. Inviting founders or association board to the ordinary or extraordinary meetings is the responsibility of management board which can be through telephone, emails or letters.

Leadership of Association board is consists of Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Scrivener and an observer and are appointed in the first meeting board from the founding members through an independent and direct elections for a specified period of time.

Meetings of the association board with the presence of half of the members is complete and decisions by majority vote of the present members of the meeting is valid.

Article Ten: The functions and authorities of the Association Board in ordinary and extraordinary circumstances are:

  • Election and dismissal of leadership board and its work period.

  • Approval of the resignation of the founding members considering the reasons, with the approval of a majority of board members of the association.

  • The appointment or dismissal of the head and deputy of the management board.

  • Hearing the report of the management board, investigating tasks and making necessary decisions on the reports and recommendations of the Management Board.

  • Approving the annual budget of the association.

  • Modifications in changes in the statute and the name of the association.

  • Assessing and approving annual work plan.

  • Determining association membership right and membership fee.

  • Approval of dissolution of the Association in accordance with Article 26 of this Statute.

Article Eleven: Advisory Board or Honorary members

The Advisory Board includes all the national characters, cadres (religious, cultural, scientific, technical, social, sport champions, inventor of children and outstanding figures) and national merchants who has approved the objectives of the Association and has accepted an honorary membership.

Advisory or Honorary Board members support the tasks of the Association from time to time through sharing their constructive comments and recommendations with management board and in attracting financial aids and assistances to the association.

Article Twelve: Management Board

The management board is constantly active and second reference competent organ of the association and its members include the chairman, two deputies, administrative officer and spokesman. The management board is assigned by the Association board.

The management board has the responsibility to set up meetings. Meetings of management board with the attendance of committee heads are held once or twice a month.

Article Thirteen:Authorities of the Management Board

  • The formation and activation of the committees.

  • Selection and dismissal of officials and members of the committees.

  • Obtaining work reports of the committees.

  • Arranging and preparing TORs of the committees.

  • Monitoring and controlling the work and activities of the committees.

  • Making work Plan and Budget of the work plan for the approval of the Association Board.

  • Implementing approved work plan.

  • Establishing delegations.

  • Recruiting and dismissing members.

Article Fourteen: Authorities and responsibilities of the Chairman of the Management Board

  • Holding meetings in a timely manner and reporting the decisions of the meeting in next meeting.

  • Delegating the tasks to members and the pursuit the performance of the tasks.

  • Ensure and maintain documentation of the association.

  • Serious monitoring of revenues, expenditures and financial safety of the association.

  • Appoint new members to the management board in the event of resignation, dismissal or death of members of the management board.

  • Maintain regularity at meetings.

  • Monitoring of the presence/absence of members of the management board committees heads in the meetings of the Association.

  • Suspend the membership of management board members or committee heads in case of irresponsibility or lack of performance.

  • Signing financial, administrative, letters of credit or bank checks and other documents of the association.

Article Fifteen: Board committees each are directed by and individual. Committees composed of two or more parts are directed by a general head and each technical part is directed by a head.

Committees of the association are as follows:

  • The Finance, administration and organization structure committee.

  • Scholars and religious elders committee.

  • Health and physical education Committee.

  • Public Affairs Committee.

  • Cultural Committee.

  • Youth Committee.

  • Women's Affairs committee.

  • The Committee of capacity building in various sectors.

  • The Committee for identifying talents and inventors.

  • Disable’s committee.

  • Monitoring, Control & Audit committee.

  • Peace and good governance committee.

Article Sixteen:General Assembly:

The General Assembly consists of all members (Leader board, advisory board, management board, committees and other members) and hold meeting once a year.