Disbandment of the association.

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Disbandment of the association.

 disbandment of the association.

  • Article 26:

  • The disbandment of the association 2/3rd of the association members as well as by certifying of leading board or founders if someone acts against the statute.

  • Article 2:

  • The property of the association will refine after the disbandment.

  • Chapter eight. The sundry provisions  
    Article 28.

  • The symbol and stamp that the founders certified the have below features the symbol of association is placed into the circle and written into two official language of the country in the circle as well the contents of the circle will describe as below

  • Three colors, black, red and green which indicates from flag of Afghanistan  and unity of people

  • Book and pen which out to points to education

  • Scale which points justice and equality

  • Wheal cluster which represents to good economy and to remove poverty

  • Sun, which indicates the same lighting for all

  • Article 29.  

  • The association has one publication which its name will select by directorate

  • Article 30.

  • The list names of founder’s directorate delegations and already financial officers have prepared into separate chart which was certified by solidarity department of ministry of justice including its document.

  • Article 31.

  • The association is bound to deliver its activities financial accounts to the solidarity department of ministry of justice before ending of every year

  • Article 32.

  •  Each kind of damping, changing in the statute of association name of association and changes in the delegation directorate of association is the authority of the founders during its days before the signing of the agreement which will deliver to the solidarity department of ministry of justice

  • Article 33.

  • This statute prepared in eight chapters and 33 articles by founders of the association.